the dolphin project

in collaboration with her friends’, richard and lincoln o’barry, and the dolphin organization, manon has revamped an ancient greek coin into a unique pendant, proceeds of which are donated to “the dolphin project”

richard o’barry is known for capturing and training dolphins for the tv series flipper. when one of the flipper dolphins died, o’barry made a radical transition to assertively combating the captivity industry. shortly after, he founded the “dolphin project” in 1970, a non-profit organization under the international marine mammal project at earth island institute, to stop dolphin slaughter and exploitation around the globe.

in 2009, his work was chronicled in the academy award winning documentary “the cove” and richard o’barry continues to work for the dolphin organization with much success.

we fully support this important cause and wish richard and team continued success. may the force be with you.