manon shark team one benefit
bid on manon’s shark pendants through the shark team one benefit with manon jewelry.
support shark team one’s efforts to bring awareness to dwindling shark populations.

the founder of shark team one, angela smith, is a passionate conservationist, photographer, explorer and ocean advocate.

shark team one brings awareness to endangered species of sharks worldwide and provides opportunities for non-profit organizations, scientists, governments and filmmakers to study endangered sharks in their own habitat.









Shark team one benefit - 2016

Bidding ended july 30th, 2016

Congrats to the lovely #ManonMuse @shmoosma!

She mastered the art of combining her jewelry obsession with supporting programs to save the sharks and dolphins with @sharkteamone


I am thrilled to announce an exclusive online event sponsoring @sharkteamone ?

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ALL proceeds from the winning bids go directly to Shark Team One Conservation Projects & Initiatives ??

shark team one benefit with manon jewelry

Shark Team One plays an important role protecting sharks and ocean ecosystems with our conservation initiatives, partner programs, outreach events and seminars.
We also provide conservation, research and citizen science expeditions to local and global destinations where sharks are on the verge of extinction. Proceeds from each trip help stimulate local economies and fund research that in turn helps sharks and our oceans. When nations begin to realize that shark conservation brings much needed money into their economy, many times shark fishing can be turned into shark stewardship. This is what we hope and strive for.